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About Gearart

About Gearart

About Us

Our Story

We at Gearart understand, that there is more in life than just a regular job and mindlessly scrolling through your iPhone. People differ in so many ways and so do their experiences, adventures and memories. Everyone is unique. Therefore, we created this outstanding series of iPhone cases.

To deliver a one of a kind product, we developed a special tie-dye method. This handmade process allows us to create covers for your mobile device, that are 100% unique in its appearance. You won’t find the same design of your personal iPhone case anywhere else in the world.

Join Gearart and express your adventurous, wild and true uniqueness.

Dive into the world of Gearart

Our Mission

Gearart cases are not only designed for their sole purpose of existence, but for what they represent and what stories they tell. Cases that let you break the boundaries of conformity, unleash your potential and genuine creativity.

Btw – our cases also protect your iPhone. Get your accessory and make a statement. Be you, be unique, be Gearart!

What our costumers say

I loved the case since the moment I opened my box! Its color and design are absolutely stunning and the most important thing is giving your phone a great protection! Definitely worth buying it!

Ordered this silicone case for a friend and I’m blown away with the quality. He really loves the brightness and boldness of it. Fits my friend’s iPhone 12 pro like a glove with an extra lip to protect the edges. Totally worth the price. Just go for it!

Ultimate silicone, great material, non slippery and makes you iPhone 12 look beautiful. I am very happy with this case after trying several others.

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